Jean-Luc Bressard

Thanks for visiting my website.

There is an old-mooted saying:

Everybody has at least one good book in them.

As I am about to publish my first I fear that some will say that it is incredibly arrogant for me to say that I believe that this saying is fundamentally wrong. How could it be correct?

Life is an amazing gift and we all have extremely interesting personal stories to tell, no matter how dull or mundane we like to think our lives are.

Our experiences are unique to us and how we react or respond to those experiences are also unique to each individual, creating a wealth of potentially great stories. We all have the opportunity to lead amazing lives, whether we do or not, is a simple matter of personal choice. We also have the opportunity to do amazing things with those lives, again I believe that this is your personal choice - And sometimes with a little help from others!

This website is a space and utility where you can learn more about me, and in time, you will be able to use it as a resource to find Novels, Business books and the short stories that I have published.

My first book is a fictional novel entitled "The Management Consultant". Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I built up a wealth of experiences, most of which were those seminal "You couldn't make it up" moments.

The book is a Murder mystery, interspersed with some real life experiences which I hope resonates with my colleagues from the industry. It will be amusing to see if you can work out which is fictional and which is not. For those who haven’t worked in the Advisory space, I simply hope that you enjoy it!

I started writing the novel when I was on assignment in Latin America. The flights to Sao Paolo, Brazil were incredibly long and I had a lot of time to kill. I really should have finished the novel at the beginning of 2016 but like all novice authors, I found plenty of (mostly poor) excuses not to finish it. I am pleased to say that with concerted effort and focus, I have completed the novel and it will be published in December 2016 by Amazon Kindle Publishing.

I hope you enjoy the site and most importantly, I really hope you enjoy my publications.